Thursday, February 2, 2012

A penny saved is not much.

Kindly read the following proverbs that were started by a teacher and finished by a class of first graders.  Feel free to laugh out loud.

I hope you enjoyed those as much as I did... So anyway.  Here's the real start to this post.

Love that should happen, love that does happen, love that won't happen, love that used to happen.

I've started this post three times and I still can't figure out how to speak in feelings.

I'm convinced that everything thinks in feelings and remembers in feelings and words are just the clumsy communication of these feelings, because honestly.  We all feel feelings even though we don't all talk in the same language and maybe if we spoke in feelings the world would be a better place.  Maybe if we could speak in feelings you'd be able to understand what my mouth can't say very well.  Maybe if we could speak in feelings, more people would be in love and less people would hate.  Maybe we would all be a little less broken.

Because I've never almost spilled those words out only to push them back in at the last second.  Because I've never spent an entire movie thinking about how close your arm and my head are and would it be weird if I closed the distance.  Because I've never been able to talk intellectually with a guy that I made out with the week before.  Because I've never been asked to a school dance and I don't know what semi-formal is even supposed to mean.  Because I keep dreaming about you.  Because you've put me through so much and I you but we still feel these feelings. Because everytime that we have any kind of contact I am hyper-aware of it. Because even though I never would have guessed it would ever be you for me and me for you, I still think I might love you.

love always, laura elizabeth.

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