Thursday, December 8, 2011

Who? Who?

"Who?  Who?" said the owl, turning his snowy head all around in search of someone who isn't there.

Because, how could he know?

Does he know where it's all gone?  To be more specific, does he know where I've gone?

How could he know when I, myself, don't even know?

I am not who I was, nor am I who I'm meant to be, but if I continue on this path I can continue to feel free.

Not everything makes sense, not everyone makes sense.  Life won't always make sense and love will rarely make sense.  But what is sense, really?  A perception?  Does anything ever make sense?  Will friends make sense or just nonsense?  Will I make sense or just nonsense?  Because sometimes people leave you and sometimes people haunt you and sometimes people hurt you but that doesn't mean you should just give up on them, it means that you should just keep trying to make sense of it all.  Does this post make sense?  Maybe not, but it does to me.  Does my newfound infatuation with all things drama related make sense?  Maybe not, but it does to me.  Does my sensitivity about dance make sense?  Maybe not, but it does to me. 
People will talk about you with other people;  I've talked about all of you to someone, I can guarentee.  People will not have the same opinion as you, but people will also be just as tired of it all as you too.  So lay down your sword and I'll lay down my shield and we can part as likely friends and we'll swim through the seas of miscommunications together.
Does that make sense?  Maybe not.  But it does to me.

love always, laura elizabeth.

post script:  I don't really like him.  I promise.  It's just hopeless.  I just needed someone to imagine is holding me to sleep and he's just the last person to have hugged me.

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