Sunday, December 4, 2011

Just Dance.

I hope the sun shines
and it's a beautiful day
and something reminds you
you wish you had stayed

Because this is real life, people.

In real life, people do drugs and have sex and tell lies.  In real life, people kiss you because "why not?" and people don't kiss you because "why?".  In real life, guys give incredible hugs and make beautiful manipulations.  In real life, girls compliment the face and gossip behind the back.  In real life, tables come crashing down because three teenage boys are playing war at a party.

In real life, feelings collide and so do thoughts.  In fact, real life is practically a war of head and heart, with a little will mixed in.  That's just real life.  Real life is math equations and story problems and punctuation and bad singing.  Real life is harsh and doesn't make sense.

But sometimes we get to have moments of fake life, like first kisses by a stream and fitting in.  Moments like painting a set or winning first place or someone unexpected flirt with you.  It's like re-reading your favorite book by a fireplace or having caramel hot chocolate with the most amazing people at IHOP at one in the morning.  Fake life is like hope and happiness and non-reality.

Fake life is taking risks, but so is real life.  We're all fake life and we're all real life and it's all life and the best part is that we all share it.

The best way to stay clean is to not start.
love always, laura.

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