Wednesday, December 7, 2011


What a word. 
You don't hear "grungy" much anymore and I bet you hear "grunge" even less. 
Guess who's bringing it back?
^^ I guess this Christmas we'll see who really loves me..

The funny thing about mornings is that I wake up, I just don't get up...usually until I have about five minutes left.
The funny thing about boys is that I don't understand them.  At all.  And yet, I still like them.
The funny thing about my teddy bear is that it's secretly a real person that hugs me to sleep every night.
The funny thing about math is I'm actually sometimes good at it.
The funny thing about pillows is that lately, I've been more comfortable without one.
The funny thing about Harry Potter is that he's consistently there for me.  Every time.
The funny thing about singing is that I can't.
The funny thing about my dance performance is that it's on Saturday.
The funny thing about me is that when I think, "We should just agree to disagree again" is that I really mean "She should just agree to agree.  With me."
The funny thing about owls is that I LOVE THEM.
The funny thing about taco bell is that I haven't had it in far too long.
The funny thing about homework is that I actually don't hate it, I just hate the time it consumes.  We only get the one life, you know.
The funny thing about Teddy is that I think I might be starting to like him...gug.
The funny thing about birthday parties is that I always feel obligated to bring a present.
The funny thing about weekends is that for the past many, I've almost always had great plans with great people...Like I'm some sort of socially awkward butterfly.
The funny thing about toenails is that once one finally grows back to a decent state, the other one begins to bruise.  And you get blisters on your toes that bleed all over your toe pads.
The funny thing about dance is that it's physically a sport but emotionally an art.
The funny thing about life is that it won't wait and let you sort through the jumbled mess of your emotions.  It just keeps going endlessly-for the time being, anyway-on.  You don't get a chance to catch your breath or really think about what's happening.  Lately, for me, that's been sort of a blessing.

love always, laura.
  I don't care what you say- except I do because it hurts me when you tell me the love of my life doesn't match your standards of physically challenging.  But how often do you have to suffer through extreme tests of endurance while putting on a pretty face and making it all look good?  Please don't feel like I'm attacking your sport, because I am absolutely not; besides, we've already cleared up that it would never be possible for me to even try it.  I just want you to respect my passion and if you still have a different opinion about Ballet, please just keep it to yourself.  It's better for both of us in the long run.

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