Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You'll regret ignoring me. (:

My dearest, loveliest Blaze,
You currently do not talk to me. Especially after I broke things off between us. And that's actually quite alright. I miss my old best friend but people do have to move on sometime. I just thought I'd say, I've thought a lot about how I feel for you after you told me you weren't in love anymore, and I'm not either. I love you just as much as I did when we were in love, but it simply isn't romantic anymore. I can still see us hugging, and you holding me while I cry, and I can see you telling me I'm beautiful and I can see us running through flowers, hand in hand, singing together and laughing and simply loving one another, but I can't see us kissing like we used to. I can't see us being romantic ever again. Not next summer, when the old you comes back and realizes what you let go. I can see us staying best friends. but that is up to you, and whether you'll ever want to talk to me. Either way, I'll love you my whole life. (:
Our breakup was probably the healthiest one I'll ever go through.  In fact, and I feel horrible saying this, but my life is better without you anymore. Over the summer, I couldn't say that. I truly needed you then. But you changed. So I forced myself to change too. And now I don't need you.  But now, I don't worry over whether or not you love me, or even want to talk to me. I don't think that I have to punish myself for hurting you when I told you how much I needed you over the week and you weren't there.  Our relationship in the end wasn't fair, and it was bad for the both of us. You were starting highschool. You deserved a clean start.  And my life simply does not need you right now. I'd like to continue being in your life, as your friend, but if not, so be it.  I feel so good about this, Blazie, and I'm sure you understand. I'll stop sending texts in the morning, saying, "I hope you have a great day!" because you obviously don't need them.  I hope they weren't a nuisance while they lasted. oh well. (:
Love, Laura.
ps. You're gonna really regret not talking to me in like two years when I'm off in new york city being a model [thank you, erin the scout, for giving me your card and asking me to call] and you see my face on... something important and you remember what good times we had and you'll wish we were still friends but you'll have missed your chance.  You'll really regret it then. Just wait.


  1. Yay! are you going to look for an agent?! Can't wait... I love your sense of independence from him. You're a strong woman. Good. :) <3

  2. no, the agent actually came up to me and was like, call me! you're gorgeous! I want you for my agency! calllllll! i was uh. i just came back from dance and i look sweaty and gross but thanks? haha.
    thank you tim. i love ya! (: