Tuesday, October 30, 2012

We did math together today.

Darlin' it was good
never lookin' down
and right there where we stood
is holy ground

I just... I remember.
I don't want to go back and I don't want to skip forward,
because who would have known those nights would be the best of my life?
I've had amazing nights because they were so incredibly mundane and cliche,
but so unique and everything I need,
and I don't realize it now,
but these are the best nights and days of my life,
and it's okay if I work for some of them,
and it's okay if some of them are spent alone,
and it's okay if they don't go as planned
because they'll still be the best I have to live for,
and this is the oldest I've ever been and the youngest I'll ever be again,
and I want to stick a bookmark in this year, in this month,
that says, I remember and these are the best nights of my life.
Thank you everyone for being a part of them, thank you, thank you. Thank you.
You're a part of me. He's a part of me. She's a part of me.
I am my experiences and my experiences are all of you and thank you and I love you.
love always, laura elizabeth.

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