Friday, April 22, 2011

Relationships between ANYONE are like tandem bikes; it's a lot easier to stay up when both people make an effort.

My dear friend who gave me the dolphin necklace:

I miss you.

~   ~   ~
On a happier note, today is Earth Day.  I love Earth Day.  It's a chance to thank the Earth.  While I was too busy to do anything good, I did spread the word of peace.  Let's stop wars and start love.  Let's stop fighting and start smiling.  Stop littering, stop wasting water and paper, stop making your mom drive you one neighborhood over.  There is such a thing as bikes.  We only get one Earth, let's preserve it.
More than that, my beliefs in God involve nature in the most intimate way.  I believe that He IS nature, and that he is everything.  This is called Pantheism;  The belief that we are all manifestations of God, that he doesn't have a particular personality.  Pantheistics often recognize God in nature.  Which basically defines my beliefs on a whole.  This way I believe that on Earth Day we are not only thanking the Earth, but we are giving back to God.  So thus I say, HAPPY EARTH DAY!!  (:

Friend this was originally titled to:  Do you even still read my blog?

ah well--
Much Love, StarFish.


  1. Hello.
    I still read your blog.
    Also, I love you.
    And I'm listening to The Beatles as I write this.

  2. Hello. (:
    I wasn't talking about you, but it's comforting to know that you do.
    Also, I love you.
    And I love the beatles.

  3. Laura, I still read your blog. I miss you to. I hope the necklace still means as much to you as it did. I'm sorry for how I've been acting. Forgive me, my friend. Your my inspiration, your blog is my bible. You may not think I mean it, but, I love you. I really do. <3 justyn <3 <3