Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sun Kissed Bliss.

Because life has never been better and life can only get better.


Find what makes you happy and do it. Find who makes you happy and just be around them, because you don't need the negative energy and neither do they, and we only have so long in this town or in this state or in this world and every second you spend with a frown is one you can't get back, and I know that's just another cliche but cliches are cliche for a reason and that reason is generally because they're achingly true, so don't let the fact that it's a cliche dissuade you from how very important it is,

and now is the time for happiness if there ever was one, stop looking back and saying that was the best time of your life because the best can be right now, make every day your best day yet in all the little ways, and maybe not every day will be in St. George with three fantastic friends and maybe not every day will be reconnecting with an old someone over a stupid movie and maybe not every day will end at a drive in movie with someone you cherish, but every single day can and should have something little and impressive because nothing that happens today is something that has ever happened before

and we keep growing up and seeing the symbolism in movies, we don't take things at face value anymore or even structurally because we can see why a story is so important even if it ends it sadness, and that happens in movies and it happens in life, and it is all so important and happiness is so important and so just keep moving forward, that's what I'm saying. Don't let this be a sad time for you when it is in reality the only time you have. Don't get stuck on someone if it causes you aches and don't let go of someone if that makes you break because we only have so long left, loves. We only have so long left, and people are already taking flight and pretty soon we will all be leaving the flock in a million different directions, and we may never see each other again. We will never have the chance to be eighteen and wild again. We will never have the summer of 2014 again, so make every second correlate with a beautiful song so that when it comes on, you'll hear it and think about what history was made before everything changed. 

We have the freedom of choice dripping off our fingertips like the sunscreen we forget to put on, and we have the youth of every human who wishes they could be freshly graduated again, and we have the imagination of a million children finally being told they can. There has never been a better time to be, so let yourself be.

love always, laura elizabeth.

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