Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dragging Heels and Time Drags On.

It's right now that is the most timeless, even as the time continues rushing on.

Zig Ziglar - Timeline Photos | Facebook

tell me you love me and pretend like you mean it
play around with my heart and try not to drop it
let me go but only if you come too, dragging heels and all
take all that you can and say that it will be enough for now

create these lovely messes with me,
orchestrate beautiful disasters until they come crashing down
fabricate a thinly made web so strong it can hold me captive
and walk away with me still so ensnared

and we tell ourselves that it's fair to be fair to everyone but ourselves
we lend confidence to everyone without strengthening our own
we give and we give and we give and secretly we want to take
and we snap without anyone snapping back, how could we not

it's when every song on the radio is a personal solo and he's sitting right next to you,
it's when you change the "hers" to the "yous" and maybe he doesn't notice but you do,
it's when everything said is a secret message from the past and he's the only one catching him
and all you want is for him to catch them

it comes down to the whole trust thing, people,
it's trusting someone to do no harm though you know everything will eventually cause harm
and it's trusting that with every harm caused there is also joy
and it's trusting that even with the goodbyes there will be a certain happiness
it's trusting that though nothing will last, it can last in the now,
and it's trusting that the now will last you through your life,
and I've never been one for trust but for some reason I trust you

love always, laura elizabeth.

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