Sunday, December 8, 2013

Les Étoiles.

In the French language, to be born lucky is "être né sous une bonne étoile," or to be born under a good star.

Well, mon petit chou, the sky tonight is looking more beautiful than the one before we met, though it isn't quite up to par to the first time our hands became acquainted or certainly when our lips became lovers, the sky was beautiful when we were thrown together in a scene and even more so than when it was over, the sky was beautiful when it watched us talk on your driveway until an hour too late, and the night we climbed on top of all sorts of things was covered by one of the most beautiful of all,

mais j’étais née sous la nuit avec les meilleurs étoiles, parce que je peux te connaître maintenant.

love always, laura elizabeth.

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  1. Ahh I seriously love this so much. You are perfect. Je t'aime.